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When Betty and I were having troubles in our relationship, We felt that we needed God's help if we were to continue as a family. This led us to make a personal commitment to find God.  We decided to visit a Catholic church where she had attended as a child.  We sat through the service, but I didn’t think God was there because I couldn’t understand anything that was said.  Later we met with some Jehovah's Witnesses, and after a few meetings we still didn’t know God. So I gave up!  Not long afterward, Betty was at a friend’s house cooking for a party.  When she mentioned to her friend’s mother that we were looking for God, Mrs. Melendez (her friend’s mother), shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Betty and she got saved. When I came home from work, she told me that she had finally found God- "Jesus!"  But I did not believe her!  A few days went by and I started to see a change in her.  I wanted what she had. One day at work I asked her friend, “What is this thing about being saved?”  She said that her pastor could explain it better to me.  We went to his home around lunch time: He pushed his food to the side, grabbed his Bible and began to share Scriptures with me.  I accepted Jesus Christ right there on July 23,1993.  Betty and I were baptized on July 31, 1993 and were married on September 11, 1993.  In March of 1994, during a missions conference, God impressed on my heart, using Romans 10:14, to surrender to full-time Christian service and the rest in history. 

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